You will obtain a team of professionals that will relentlessly fight against the credit bureaus and creditors to get results. You will also receive email updates during the process, which will let you see and feel the work as it is done…eliminating the need for wondering, hoping, and useless questioning.

Items needed to start:

  • Credit Monitoring that we request specifically. Must not be over a week old or we WILL order new reports.
  • Completed info form filled out.
  • Color scan of front/back SSN card. All corners showing.
  • Color scan of front/back ID (can’t be expired). All corners showing.
  • Color scan of utility bill (can’t be past due, must match address on license – must be power bill, water bill, gas bill).

All pictures must be clear, legible, and show all four corners. Utility bill must be a scan of the complete bill, sent PDF. To start, fill in the information below, upload or email your documents in. Our team will evaluate your credit report and documents and send you an invoice. The invoice is due AFTER you have been successfully onboarded and your credit repair has been started.


Credit Repair: FAQs

A. Everyone’s process is different. However, we use every method imaginable to continuously attack credit report negatives repeatedly over a 90 day period.
A: Using Zoom, Facetime, and/or Google Chat, we onboard you face to face. The way we onboard you and our system provides updates every time negative accounts/inquiries are removed. Also, you are updated and sent emails every time your score changes during the process. Everything we do is transparent to the max.
A: Please contact your Account Manager for pricing.
A: Payment instructions will be on the invoice you receive once your credit repair has been submitted and you have been successfully onboarded.
A: It depends on what positive credit you have on your credit report after the negatives are removed. But essentially….Yeah!
A: POSSIBLY! We may need you to send in your most recent bill once the one we’re using expires. We will let you know.

Credit Repair Application

Name - (First, Middle, Last, Suffix)
Home Address - (City, State, Zip, County)
Home telephone number
Social security number
e-Mail address
Cellular telephone number
Date of birth
Identity IQ log in and password (please be accurate)
Upload Documents Here. You can also email them to
Front side of Driver License or State ID card
(must be in color, all corners showing)
Back side of Driver License or State ID card
(must be in color, all corners showing)
Front side of SSN card
(must be in color, all corners showing)
Back side of SSN card
(must be in color, all corners showing)
Color scan of utility bill
(all corners showing, entire bill)
I do not have the followings and need help with:
License SSN card Utility Bill, matching address, current

(Your details will never be shared. We hate SPAM as much as you)

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