Personal Funding: FAQs

A: No, a co-signer may NOT be used. Whomever is on the loan application must meet all qualifications for funding.
A: In most instances, the credit score must be a minimum of 680. In addition, your credit profile must also meet other basic qualifications.
A: Preapproval typically takes 24-48 hours, not including weekends and holidays.
A: It depends on the client. Anywhere from 1-10 days.
A: Your Account Manager will explain that to you as each client is different.
A: Your Account Manager will explain that to you.
A: Based on the strength of the personal credit file we can fund up to a maximum of $350,000.00
A: It depends on the strength of your credit report and a few other factors. Your Account Manager will explain that to you.
A: Yes. If your credit score is low and you need credit repair prior to funding, we can help. Go back to our home page and click on “Click Here For Credit Repair”.
A: Yes. We do offer loan repayment assistance AND opportunities to earn residual/passive income with the money we helped you attain. Please go to the "Earn" page and submit a request and someone from the 1stop4cash team will schedule a phone call or Zoom conference with you.
A: Yes. However, the process is completely different than what has been described above. Your account manager can give you details.

Application Form

(Please put N/A, if something does not apply to you - An application with blank boxes will not be received)

Name - (First, Middle, Last, Suffix)
Address - (City, State, Zip, County)
Mailing Address, if different
Home telephone number
Social security number
Driving license number
Driving license issue date
Driving license expire date
Driving license issued state
Mother's maiden name
e-Mail address
Cellular telephone number
Date of birth
Marial Status
Your current employer
How long
Job start date
Work address
Employer phone number
Monthly gross salary (include all overtime and bonuses)
Job position
Your primary bank name
Routing number
Bank account number you want the loans deposited into
Do you own or rent your home
If rent, landlord or company name and phone number
If own, purchase price and estimated equity in home
Monthly rent/mortgage
Monthly payment on any home equity loans or second mortages
Move in (month/year)
Total amount of cash you have in all checking and saving account
Total value of any stocks and bonds you may have
Total amount of retirement assets (401k,403b,457,IRA etc...
Please indicate which items below you have. (Not having some of them does not disqualify you from receiving funding):
Color copy of driver’s license Most two recent W2s
Utility bill Social security card
Two most recent paystubs (if paid every other week) Bank statement
Four most recent paystubs (if paid weekly) Last two years tax returns

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